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Helpful Resources 

Small Business Administration 

  The Small Business Administration (SBA) is a government agency in the United States that was created in 1953 with the main goal of supporting and encouraging the growth of the economy by helping small businesses.   The agency offers guidance and resources to individuals looking to establish and expand their own businesses.   It plays a crucial role in providing various tools and information on its website to aid both new and existing small business owners in their endeavors.   Make sure to keep an eye on our Events and Meetups Page for upcoming Training that may be organized by the SBA.  

IRS Resources 

  The Internal Revenue Service (IRS) offers a variety of helpful resources to assist individuals who are interested in starting their own small business.   These resources are specifically designed to guide new entrepreneurs on how to navigate and ensure compliance with federal regulations.   By utilizing these resources, small business owners can avoid potential pitfalls and stay on track with their regulatory obligations set by the federal government.  

Polk County Tax Collector 

    County local business taxes in Polk County are typically due and paid annually by all individuals or companies conducting business within the county’s borders.   This requirement applies to businesses that are both located in and operating within Polk County.  BizLINC has joined forces with the Polk County Tax Collector to establish a collaborative relationship aimed at offering specialized guidance and aid to both BizLINC members and the wider community.   This initiative seeks to deliver precise information and assistance to facilitate the acquisition of all the necessary requirements for businesses in Polk County. 

City of Lake Wales

In Lake Wales, the owner or operator required by this article to pay a local business tax shall post and at all times display the local business tax receipt in his/her business establishment.

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