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Eligibility Summary 

Our goal is to recruit and attract entrepreneurs, and new & existing businesses to the Northwest Community who will take part in the renaissance that's taking place in Lake Wales. 

Eligibility Requirements

Our business incubation program aims to provide support and guidance to companies in their initial stages, which is often considered the most critical phase of their journey.   BIZLINC is dedicated to assisting your company by offering expertise and resources to help improve various aspects of your business operations.   This includes strengthening your management team's competencies in vital business functions such as marketing, financial management, legal compliance, organizational management, human resources management, and any other areas that are essential for your company's success.

  We offer a collaborative and supportive environment for businesses by providing you with office space, mentorship, and access to shared resources.   Typically, companies stay in our incubator program for 18-36 months until they can sustain themselves and transition to commercial rates for office space.   

To qualify for membership with BizLINC, your company will need to fill out and complete the Incubator Application. This application is an essential step in the process of becoming a member of our organization.   Once your company has completed the application, it will be reviewed by our team to determine if your company meets the criteria for membership.   The Incubator Application is designed to gather important information about your company, such as its industry, size, and goals.   This information will be used to assess whether your company aligns with our mission and values.   Completing the application accurately and thoroughly will increase your chances of being accepted as a member of BizLINC.

As a BizLINC member, your company will have access to a wide range of resources, networking opportunities, and support services.   We are committed to helping our members thrive and achieve their goals.  


Below are the requirements for admission to the BizLINC:

  • A realistic business concept reflecting the potential to grow the business and become a leading player in your market segment.

  • An existing business that has hit a plateau and needs support to continue to grow

  • Once in the program, companies must be willing to meet with incubator staff to determine benchmarking events they hope to complete in the first year. The BizLINC team assists the company in determining the needed resources to achieve its objectives and works with them to meet those goals. Companies continue to meet with incubator staff at least every quarter to review past and future goals to ensure they meet their objectives.

  • Must be located in Lake Wales or surrounding areas or have plans to locate in Lake Wales in the next 2 years.

  • An existing small business or organization in a growth potential phase, launching a new business project, or a new division of an existing company (if located outside of Lake Wales)

  • Members meet monthly for a one-hour tenant meeting. These meetings are conducted to give clients a chance to network and have professionals from the community provide short presentations on services and opportunities that may be of interest to client companies.

  • A match between the needs of your company and the resources available within the incubator program and the community.

  • The potential for multiple job creation at wages higher than the county average.



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